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Avicenna Fertility Center


Avicenna Fertility CenterAvicenna Fertility Center affiliated to Avicenna Research Institute started its activities on fall, 2002 in mutual collaboration with ART center of USHCL University in Germany.

The center has nationally got the first Sexual Health Clinic, Recurrent Abortion, Pelvic Pain, Endometriosis and Advanced Laparoscopy Clinic [affiliated to British Society of Gynecology and Endometriosis(BSGE)].Nearly, 3000-3500 cycles of ICSI are done in the center.

The center obtained the ISO (9001:2008), and IPD permission from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran.

If you plan to travel abroad for a better access to infertility treatment and recurrent miscarriage services, the IPD of our center provides the necessary arrangements for treatment affairs and expedites the procedure for the patients.

Our interpreters accompany you at all the stages of treatment and therapeutic follow-ups, immediate response to inquiries and arrangements with your physicians are all their responsibilities.Fortunately, there is no waiting list for the foreign patients and in case of having a previous history or profile of your problem in other treatment centers; you can share them with our experts through email or other social networks to accelerate the procedure of your diagnosis and treatment.

Our physicians evaluate them free of charge and if possible in your own country, they may advise you to have several check-ups before coming to our center.

Therefore, your stay in Iran and the frequencies of your visits would be minimized.In our center, therapeutic protocols are similar for both foreign and in house patients.

However, the only different is the swift treatment cycles due to residency limitation for foreign patients’ stay in Iran.

All the laboratory results, reports of treatments can be given to the patients for their own records. If you wish to contact us for the visits from IPD, please call at:+98-21-22644726+98-21-23519 (Ext. 444, 312)Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp: 09333910757 International patients’ services:
Infertility treatment services, IUI, ICSI (Gamete donation and surrogacy is not provided for foreign patients)
Specialized therapies for recurrent pregnancy loss and recurrent failures in ART
Services for patients with sexual disorders and problems in communication, sexual function disorder, treatment of STIs, STDs
Controlling high risk pregnancies, diagnosis of embryo problems via PGS, NGS, checking the health of fetus in pregnancy through advanced ultrasound, PGD, PND, CVS, amniocentesis, selective fetal reduction in individuals with multiple pregnancies by prenatalogist
Treatment of patients with pelvic pain and endometriosis (through advanced laparoscopy)
Services in fertility preservation (egg freezing, sperm freezing, ovarian and testicular tissue freezing)
Providing services in andrology clinic (TESE, PESA, varicocelectomy, orchiopexy, vasovasostomy, hydrocelectomy, etc)
Sex selection (ICSI+PGD)
Radiology and fluoroscopy (Hysterosalpingography)
All infertility related services are performed in our center and patients are not referred to other centers. The surgeries are done in the presence of an anesthesiologist. If anesthesia is required in IUI or hysterosalpingography, an anesthesiologist is called for assistance. Payments should be made through initial opening of a credit card in Rial and its subsequent charges in the next stages. In other words, the expenses of services package will be provided to you at first and then payments are made step by step.The therapeutic protocols are the same for both domestic and foreign patients. The only difference is that short-term cycles are applied for the foreign patients due to the restriction exists on their accommodation.Prior to referring, couples have to bring their passport and translated marriage certificate into Farsi which endorsed by affiliated embassy in Iran. Couples should follow this process through their embassy after they arrive in Iran. Age restrictions in females for receiving services:
ICSI: 45 y 6m
Sex selection+ ICSI: 42 y 12 m
Fertility preservation because of cancer: 37 y 12 m
Fertility preservation due to aging: 40 y 12 m
Kindly notice, informed letter of consents will be obtained in cases that the applicants’ age is over 42 y 12 m and also when the patients insist to continue the treatment while they show poor response towards ovarian stimulation.It is emphasized that the informed letter of consent is obtained from the couples before proceeding for their treatment.Iranians residing abroad have also the possibility to enjoy this unit.
The number of possible ICSI cycles for each couple varies on the basis of individuals’ condition and their specialist view, but 4 to 5 cycles could be conducted in total.The minimum interval between two ICSI cycles is 3 months. Two months gap is required to perform ICSI and transfer frozen embryo, while this interval is reduced to 1 month for IUI cycles.A number of three good-quality e