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Razavi Hospital


Under the blessings of God, the support of the great custodianship of Astan-e Quds Razavi, Ayatollah Vaez Tabasi and in line with developing the cultural and social services of Astan-e Quds Razavi as well as providing appropriate medical services for Mashhadi citizens, pilgrims, and lovers of Imam Reza (A.S.), Razavi Hospital was inaugurated in 2005 in order to take the first step towards fulfilling a great expectation that is enjoying a unique medical center for offering services to Iranian and foreign Muslims in a modern and unique environment.

Phase I of Razavi Hospital
Phase I of Razavi Hospital was built in an area of 369 hectares with a build-up area of 56000 m² distributed in 5 floors. 36 hectares of this land is used for green space. A part of this green area is a beautiful and pleasant garden in the west part of the hospital building.

This unique and large green area maintains wonderful and beautiful views and a restful environment for the patients and their companions. Providing the most developed diagnostic and medical services for home and abroad patients, grand Razavi Hospital is like a bright pearl in the holy land of Khorasan; and using home and abroad salient doctors and elite researchers in medical sciences, it offers special services for the patients and those needing health care services. In less than 5 years from Razavi Hospital inauguration, the developing project of the hospital started in order to help the country and the world improve medical knowledge. Welcoming of the public, our leading doctors,
and the existing potentials in the hospital to promote health tourism in the country as well as continuous progress of medical knowledge and new technologies in various fields of medicine led to taking the first steps in the development and process of building a new hospital. This project was exploited in less than three years on Aug. 2013.

Phase II of Razavi Hospital
Phase II of the hospital was constructed in the area of 37,500 square meters distributed in 4 floors without count of basement. An Iranian – German team had the responsibility of designing and constructing the new building and the latest engineering methods have been utilized in the construction. The building is fire resistance as well as earthquake resistance of 8 Richter's.

A prominent feature of the new building is the beautiful and modern lobby. The roof over the lobby, inspired by Islamic architecture, is a glass dome reflecting the light in to the building. Elegantly curving stairs, combined with the azure dome has created a beautiful view. Access to the hospital's beautiful coffee shop and restaurant provided for the welfare of clients, patients’ companions and hospital personnel is possible through the lobby.
Nuclear medicine and radiation therapy departments are located on the ground floor; new build operating rooms, a VIP ward and two inpatient wards on the first floor; three inpatient wards, a VIP ward and an ICU ward on the second floor, and four inpatient wards and a VIP ward on the third floor. Management, administrative and financial departments of the hospital are located on the fourth floor. Hospital library is located in a modern and calm place in the basement.
In its short period of activity, Razavi Hospital has firstly been able to achieve the first rank and then after successive years, it could achieve the first rank in excellence last year. Achieving national quality award is one of the other honors of the hospital. The different wards of the hospital are controlled by different inspectors of supervisory organization to ensure the Iranian and foreign patients that the latest standards and protocols are used in their treatment. In this regard, the hospital succeeded to receive ACI Platinum Certificate in its first attempt in 2013.Meanwhile, Diamond Certification, the highest accreditation of Canada (ACI) was awarded to Razavi Hospital  in 2015 . Achieving this, Razavi Hospital is the first general hospital in the country which was successful to receive this reliable certification. It should be noted that, Razavi hospital is the first general hospital being able to obtain this certificate. 
Employing the best and the most experienced health care providers from all over the world and the country, the hospital has attempted to use the latest treatment methods for the patients. In this regard and also for promoting advancement of medical knowledge, more than 153 congresses, national and international conferences and training workshops have been held by Razavi Hospital up to the end of 2015. The most prominent one is the international congress of cardiovascular surgery that has been offered annually by Razavi Hospital since 2008. Health tourism in Islamic countries, road safety, epilepsy, GI cancers, IBD and Gluten related diseases, ophthalmology, symposium on neurosurgery, stroke, neurotrauma, proctology, anxiety, echocardiography, and professional communication in medical centers are among the international congresses held in the hospital.
In these congresses the best and the greatest scientists in different medical fields discuss their latest achievements. According to what has been asserted by the foreign guests, who had largely traveled to Iran for the first time, Razavi Hospital has created a proper opportunity for the researchers and investigators and it will be doubtlessly the hub of science generation in the Middle East.
Definitely enjoying modern equipment and unique capabilities and facilities will help Razavi Sub-specialty Hospital achieve its goals in offering services and promoting the scientific level of Iran's medical society.