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Tabriz Valiasr Hospital



Tabriz is a big, important, modern and beautiful city with rich ancient civilization.

The city is said to be the First City in many ways, and has long been the forerunner in the Islamic Republic of Iran. So many people in Iran and the world know Tabriz with this name.

The first building of the municipality, printing house and mint of Iran is based in Tabriz.

Recently, the United Nations Magazine has introduced Tabriz as the most beautiful and most modern city in Iran. The safest and cleanest city in Iran, the largest indoor market in the world, has been recently recorded in the world memory.

Due to its location on the "Silk Road", Tabriz has long been regarded as the most important city in Iran.

This city is also one of the most prominent of Persian and Azeri folklore and poetry.

World renowned writers and poets, the founders of the first schools, the first Iranian and global universities, all testify to this claim.


The Valiasr International Hospital of Tabriz has been constructed on 45000 square meters of land in Zafraniyeh, with a building of 4600 square meters, with the capacity of 300 beds, the largest private hospital in the country.

About 200 specialist and provincial specialist doctors, which some of them are residing abroad, are from the shareholders of Valieasr Tabriz Medical Associates, as well as the owner of Tabriz International Hospital.

This hospital has been built in accordance with the latest international standards and in the field of health tourism, and is prepared to provide medical services in the international arena, especially Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nakhchivan and Iraq.

The hospital is equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and uses the latest advances in hospital information management and includes 300 beds in single rooms.

Special sections include the ICU, Surgery ICU, Cardiac Surgery ICU, CCU, infants NICU, children PICU, and a total of 74 bed beds with the most advanced surveillance equipment.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has been active in the field of advanced laparoscopic surgeries and various parts of the delivery of pain-free physiology and delivery, and is one of the most equipped and most advanced HIV infectious diseases in the country.

Reception, Cashier, Restaurant, Chapel, Pharmacy, Kachi Cafe Medical Equipment center , Raccoon Baby photography studio, Supermarket, Cosmetic Shop, Opticians and Opticians Florists shop, Copy and Duplication Unit.

Presidential speech

Today, we are witnessing a change in the needs and wishes of the people and increasing their expectations from service providers in the community.

Hospitals, are one of the most complex service providers that are important as national treasures.

Considering that people who are ill become very vulnerable, and require proper planning to meet their needs, we tried to set up The Tabriz International Hospital together with a group of national experts to step up our efforts to serve the people of the region and the country.

At this hospital, people receive quality services with respect and safety and efficacy in return for reasonable fees in accordance with the tariffs of the Ministry of Health.

In other words, Valieasr Hospital in Tabriz has been created with a patient-centered approach, with the goal of establishing an appropriate structure for providing health care for the people of the region and the country, and a combination of the best health care providers is organized with the support of professionals in the body and hospital support to provide the services of our people to domestic and foreign patient, so that the patient is followed up from the moment he arrives at the hospital, during care and even after discharge, in order to receive a quality service.

We hope that we will see the increasing progress in health care and the improvement of the status of our hospitals in our country.

Dr.Shahram Dabiri